What's new in Mergo?

The Mergo Team periodically updates this release notes page whenever a new feature is implemented in the app, or when there are changes that may affect your usage of Mergo.

July 2021

  • Send follow-up emails in the same thread:

Follow-up email in the same thread

May 2021

  • Send a recursive email campaign:

Scheduling with recurring drop down
  • Send a mail for each new row (Zapier):

Scheduling options

March 2021

  • Send and track a campaign from Google Docs:

Mergo from Docs
  • Send a campaign from Gmail:

Send emails from Gmail with Mergo

February 2021

  • Turn Google Docs into Gmail drafts:

Docs to Gmail draft
  • Track the ongoing campaign or the previous ones directly from Gmail:

tracking from Gmail

January 2021

  • Daily quotas are now up to 500 for Gmail accounts, and 2000 for Google Workspace accounts:

December 2020

  • Pause or Abort an actively running campaign:

Pause and abort buttons
  • Mergo is now part of the latest generation of Google add-ons:

Mergo on side panel

November 2020

  • You can now schedule individual rows and send emails at different dates:

October 2020

  • Possibility to add multiple attachments for one recipient by separating them with a comma:

  • Hyperlinks, images and clickable images are now supported:

  • View your draft from Mergo in a new tab

September 2020

  • Use Google Sheets filters to segment your recipient list, or hide rows to skip them

  • Emojis are now supported in both subject lines and body content

  • Scheduling on form submission are now available

Schedule delivery on form submit

August 2020

  • Improved UI with the latest Material Design guidelines

  • Unsubscribe feature now available in Mergo

July 2020

  • Added a switch button to track the campaign or not

  • Improved UI with new menu entries

  • Easier access to Mergo features from the “Add-ons” menu

  • Loading page updated with the new logo

  • Added a footer on each page to directly contact Mergo support

June 2020

  • Added option to choose which group to import from Google Contacts

  • Added click tracking on email links

  • Automatically added spreadsheet template (column header examples filled with user data) on empty Google Sheets to help user get started with Mergo

Automatic sheet template
  • Improved UI

May 2020

  • Creation of Mergo: Send mass emails from Gmail and Google Sheets, email personalization option, cc/bcc recipients, import from Google Contacts, personalized attachments

  • Bounce tracking and scheduling option now available

  • Added tracking feature: Email opens and responses within progress bars

  • Improved contacts retrieved from Google Contacts and fixed bugs