Mail Merge Made Easy With Mergo

Discover all Mergo's features at a glance

Create a personalized email template in Gmail and send a mail merge from Google Sheets with Mergo to hundreds of recipients within minutes. No technical skills or coding required!

Add merge fields like {{First Name}} to your Gmail draft to personalize your email content, subject line, links, images and more! For tech-savvy users, Mergo also supports HTML templates for even more customizations.

With its seamless integration with Gmail, Mergo makes it easy for you to send a mail merge with very high deliverability. Simply compose your draft in Gmail and launch your email campaign from your Google Sheets!

Upload your files in a Google Drive folder, add the file title next to each recipient in your Google Sheets and Mergo will automatically add your attachments to your email. Perfect for sending invoices, invitations, coupons ...

Use Mergo Tracking Report to improve your next email campaigns. Right from your Google Sheets, track who opens, clicks, and responds to your emails in real time. Mergo also automatically records any bounces and unsubscribes.

Increase conversions with our scheduling feature and make sure to reach your audience when they're the most available by selecting the best date and time in Mergo to deliver your email campaign.

Preview your draft and the result of your email template in Mergo before launching your mail merge to your recipient list. Check your email formatting, links, tags etc. until you're 100% satisfied!

Very easy to use: Simply add a CC and/or a BCC columns in your Google Sheets, select them from the Mergo setup, and that's it! Mergo will automatically add those recipients in copy of each email sent.

Choose the right group(s) and data you want to import from Google Contacts. Mergo will automatically add them to your Google Sheets within seconds so you can easily send your next campaign to your recipient list!

Mergo lets you send your email campaign from another account set up as an alias in Gmail. You can also customize your reply-to address so you never miss a reply from your recipients.

Insert an unsubscribe link to your email to prevent spam issues and stay GDPR compliant. All unsubscribes are automatically recorded in your Google Sheets, so you'll know who to remove from your next mail merges.

Send well-targeted emails to the right audience thanks to our segmentation feature. Depending on your usage, you can use Google Sheets filters, hide rows, or add an "0" under the "Merge status" column to segment your list.

Mergo helps you automate email notifications to be sent out each time someone responds to your Google Form. Set up this feature on the form responses spreadsheet.

Create your campaign directly from your Google Docs. Design your perfect newsletter with beautiful layout. Import your recipient list, from Excel or Google Sheets, to send your emails. Or simply turn your Google Docs into a Gmail draft.

Boost your response rate by automatically scheduling a follow-up email!

Configure the follow-ups depending on how your recipients replied to your initial email campaign (whether they opened your email or not, or if they replied).

Mergo's default email submission speed was reduced (throttled) to improve message deliverability and to avoid getting accounts tagged as Spammer by your recipients' email servers.

Easily bypass this by clicking the Send Faster button.

Replying in the same thread makes it so much easier for your recipients to have immediate recall and better engagement since you will be using the same subject line in your follow-up emails.

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