Privacy Policy

Last modified: June 16, 2020

Mergo is an add-on for Google Sheets and Gmail that:

  • Connects to your Gmail to optain your draft and lets you choose the draft you want to use

  • Reads your Spreadsheet (email adresses, bookmarks)

  • Sends emails according to the spreadsheet data as a campaign

Some additional features can:

  • Connect to your Google Drive in order to insert Attachment to your emails

  • Retrieve your Contact contact list

  • Provide reports about your email campaigns (emails opened, emails responded...)

This add-on tightly integrated with your Google account and the data stored in said account. When installing an add-on, you will be prompted to authorize different accesses to your Google account. Those authorizations will only be used to perform the service you are requesting from the add-on you have installed.

Add-ons are created and powered by Google Apps Script, on Google servers.

Information gathered by an add-on will never be sold or shared to external people. When we need to store data outside of your Google account, we use a Google service for that: Firebase. Your data never leaves Google servers. We are only storing data in Firebase when needed to provide the service offered by the add-on. Most data collected by our add-ons are directly processed within Google Apps Script and are not saved in any database for later reuse.

Our App's use of information received, and App's transfer of information to any other app received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API User Data Policy, including the Limited Use Requirements."