Lifetime offer

Redeem before January 31, 2022

$36 / year / userFREE for life

As teachers gear up for the new school year, we’re glad to offer a free lifetime subscription to your entire school, college, or university. 🥳

How to get the offer?

1. Install Mergo on your Google Workspace for Education domain.
[Click the Install button below.]

* Important: An administrator account is needed for this.
Tip: You can have your admin install Mergo for everyone or just for specific Organizational Units (OUs).

2. Fill out the application form below.
send an email to

3. We'll activate your school's Free Lifetime license once steps 1 & 2 are completed.

Are you a Google Certified Trainer or Innovator?

You are also eligible for a Free Lifetime license!

  • No limitations - you will enjoy Mergo's full service.

  • Offered to both & Google Workspace accounts.

  • Just email us at to redeem the offer.

What is Mergo?

  1. First mail merge solution fully available as a Google Workspace add-on (ie: the new generation of add-ons):

  1. Created by Romain Vialard, also author of Yet Another Mail Merge*.

  1. Best Rated app of the Google Workspace marketplace 🥇

  1. Send email campaigns from Gmail, Sheets or Docs. Also works with Microsoft Excel files.

  1. Schedule automated follow-ups so your recipients don't forget to answer.

  1. Strong Privacy Policy. Mergo has been audited both by Google and an external security firm 🕵️

* After working more than 7 years on Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), Romain is not involved in this product anymore. Member of the Google Developer Expert program, he is now focused on the next generation of Google add-ons and especially Mergo, the first mail merge solution available as a Google Workspace add-on.