The Easiest Mail Merge Tool for Gmail

Send lead generation campaigns, marketing newsletters, event invitations added as personalized attachments, promotional offers, email greetings, wedding invitations and more!

For any Google users - No coding skills required - 100% free

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Send personalized mail merges from Gmail in 3 simple steps:

Import contacts into your Google Sheets

Create a Google spreadsheet, list your recipients under an "Email Address" column and add any information related to each merge field from your email template (eg. First Name column), row by row.

Spreadsheet with contacts

Create your email template in Gmail

In Gmail, create your email template, add the merge fields like {{First Name}} to personalize your email, and save it as a draft.

Send your mail merge with Mergo and track your campaign results

In Mergo, select your draft and specify the sender name & email address. Then launch your mail merge, and Mergo will do the rest! You can track all email opens, clicks, responses, bounces right from your spreadsheet.