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Send lead generation campaigns, marketing newsletters, event invitations added as personalized attachments, promotional offers, email greetings, wedding invitations and more!

For any Google users -  No coding skills required. Try Mergo 100% Free on your first campaign.

Here's what our customers are saying about Mergo.

Ralph B.


I have given Mergo a solid series of tests over the past month or so. It's a terrific concept, quite well executed... 

VERY high kudos to Mergo's support staff, which responded quickly and extremely helpfully, to several challenges I posed (I wanted to "bury" a long, complex hyperlink unique to each recipient, under concise display text).

Kumu Group


This is the perfect mail merge for you if you are using Gsuite.They were quite responsive & professional at their service. 

I would highly recommend anyone to use this Mail Merge. Even if it was not free I would use it obviously. So go ahead, install it, use it, then check the service yourself, Thank me later.

603 The CoWorking Space India


I have used the app to send multiple Investor Pitch emails. All the emails have been going seamlessly and the reports generated are FANTASTIC to give an idea on exact status of tracking the mails and getting to know details... 

Don't waste your time trying other tools, this should do everything you need when it comes to mail merging.

Alice G.


Very good add-on.
I used to send my emails manually because I didn't find any good app for free. You just saved me a lot of time!!! Thank you!!!

Edward C.


This add-on works pretty much flawlessly and I still haven't found any issues with it to date. I've saved so much time each week sending out newsletters and invitations.

Dustin R.


Awesome!!  But unfortunately Mergo does not support emojis.
EDIT: Upon my review, the mergo team added emoji support!  A+ customer support

Jason W.


Hi, I recommend this app for your email campaign! This tool is very simple, everything is clear for the use. Thanks for this! It's the best app for me!

St Pauls Anglican Church


Great app, does all it says with ease of use. If you are looking for an app to merge to and email a list - this is it Mergo, mail merge

Chris A.


This is awesome, I can see if my emails are bounced, clicked or opened, this is  perfect to improve my campaigns!! Love it

Send personalized mail merges from Gmail in 3 simple steps:

Create a Google spreadsheet, list your recipients under an "Email Address" column and add any information related to each merge field from your email template (eg. First Name column), row by row.

Spreadsheet with contacts

In Gmail, create your email template, add the merge fields like {{First Name}} to personalize your email, and save it as a draft.

In Mergo, select your draft and specify the sender name & email address. Then launch your mail merge, and Mergo will do the rest! You can track all email opens, clicks, responses, bounces right from your spreadsheet.