Track your campaign from Gmail

Discover the Gmail integrated tracking tool, and measure all your campaign results to improve your next mail merges!

📊 This feature is only available in our Mergo add-on for Gmail.

Track your campaign from Gmail

In your main Gmail screen, click on Mergo icon on the right side panel:

Mergo gmail integrated

The tracker of the ongoing/last compaign opens and presents the following key metrics:

(visit this article to see how Mergo tracks your emails)


When a recipient opens your email



When a recipient clicks on a link in your email


When a recipient answers your email


The recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link in your email


Emails not delivered, probably because the address doesn't exist

You can quickly open your campaign Sheets in a new tab to see the individuals status:

Open spreadsheet

Track a previous campaign

Open the campaign history by clicking on Check previous campaigns in the top right menu:

Check previous campaign menu

Your campaigns are sorted by dates, newest to oldest.

Note: If the tracker wasn't activated for a campaign, you will get the following message in the sidebar:

There's no tracking data for this sheet.