Set aliases / Send email from a different email address

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Easily send your email campaign from different accounts using your aliases!

Read this article to learn how to create and manage your aliases from your Gmail account, and use them to send your campaigns with Mergo.

Create/Manage your aliases from your Gmail account

πŸ“Š This feature is available in our Mergo add-on for Sheets, Docs, and Gmail.

To send emails from an alias with Mergo, you first need to create it in your Gmail account:

  1. In Gmail, click on the top right gear icon, and select See all settings:

Gmail See all settings

2. Go on the Account and Import tab, and click on Add another email address:

Gmail add another email address

3. Specify the information about the alias you want to add, and click on Next Step:

Set information for the new account

To verify that you own the account you are about to add, Google will send you a verification code to the specified address.

4. Click on Send Verification to send the code:

Send the verification code

5. Copy the code you just received in the Google verification window, and click Verify:

Copy the verification code

Your new address will appear below your primary account:

New address added

The default address is the one used automatically to send email.

If you want this new address to be your default one, click on Make default:

Make default button

Note: You can manage/delete addresses with the edit info and delete buttons

Use your aliases with Mergo

Now that your alias is created, you can use it for your next campaign with Mergo:

6. Open Mergo from your sheet and configure your campaign:

Visit this article to learn how to prepare your first campaign with Mergo

Mail Merge menu

7. Click on the three dots button, and select Set Alias & Reply to:

Set Alias & Reply to

8. Select the alias you want to choose with the From/Alias menu:

Choose the From / Alias

Note that the reply to and Sender name fields will be automatically updated with the new address information.

If you want to set a different reply-to address, read the third section of this article.

Set your alias directly from you draft

πŸ“Š This feature is only available in our Mergo add-on for Gmail.

Once you have set different aliases, a new From field appears in your Gmail draft.

It contains your primary email address, if you want to replace it with an alias, click on the little down arrow and select the new address:

Alias menu from draft

Note: if you set an alias in your draft, and then configure another one in Mergo, your email will be sent from the address chosen in Mergo

Reply to & Aliases

When you set an alias address as shown above, this is who the message is From. This is the address displayed as the β€œFrom” in most mail clients.

If you want your recipients to answer your email to another account than the From one, you can set a different Reply To address with Mergo:

9. Open the Set Alias & Reply to menu (cf step 7), and specify a Reply to address:

Reply to field

In this example, the recipient will receive an email from the address (From / Alias field).

If the recipient clicks on the Reply button, the mail will be addressed to (Reply to).

Email with alias and reply to addresses