Send the same email to several people from Gmail

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Mergo let's you do everything in Gmail: write your template, list your recipients, send & track.

Read this article to learn how to send emails from Gmail

πŸ“Š This feature is only available in our Mergo add-on for Gmail.

Open Mergo and select your draft

  • Open Mergo from the side panel of Gmail:

Open Mergo from Gmail
  • Click on Mail Merge:

Mail merge from Gmail
  • Use the drop down to select your draft:

Select a draft

List your recipients in Mergo sidebar

If you want to send separately your email to a few recipients only, you can directly list the email addresses separated by comma in Mergo sidebar:

List email addresses in Mergo sidebar

Import a recipient list from Sheets or Excel

Want to send your email to more than a few people? List your recipients in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel file and import it in Mergo!

For example:

My recipient list sheets
  • Click on the more options button and select Import recipients from Sheets / Excel:

  • Use the file picker to select a Google Sheets or import a Excel file:

You are ready to launch your campaign! Click on Send N emails and Mergo will send your emails!

Mergo gmail set up
Email sent via Mergo