Create a campaign from a Google Docs

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Use all the formatting options available on Google Docs to create the perfect newsletter, and send it right away with Mergo!

πŸ“Š This feature is only available in our Mergo add-on for Docs.

Open Mergo from your Google Docs

  • From the Google Docs you want to send as email, click on Mergo icon on your side panel:

Mergo on Google Docs
  • Click on Mail Merge:

Mail Merge menu

List your recipients in Mergo sidebar

If you want to send separately your email to a few recipients only, you can directly list the email addresses separated by comma in Mergo sidebar:

Import a recipient list from Sheets or Excel

Want to send your email to more than a few people? List your recipients in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel file and import it in Mergo!

For example:

My recipient list sheet
  • Click on the more options button and select Import recipients from Sheets / Excel:

Import recipient from Sheets or Excel menu
  • Use the file picker to select a Google Sheets or import a Excel file:

You are ready to launch your campaign! Click on Send N emails and Mergo will convert your Google Docs to a beautiful email and send it to your recipients:

Send emails
Result of email