Schedule individual rows to segment your campaign

This scheduling option allows you to specify different dates for your emails.

Follow this tutorial to learn how!

1. In your campaign sheet, add a column with the header Merge date:

Merge date column sheet

/!\ "Merge date" is a special tag used by Mergo to retrieve dates, it has to be written exactly like this!

2. Fill the Merge date column with the dates and hours you want your emails to be sent:

List dates and hours

Make sure to use a correct date format!

If the format is correct, a double click on the cell will open a date picker (cf screenshot above). Otherwise, the text in the cell will be left aligned as shown below:

Incorrect date format

3. Open Mergo, and in the Schedule delivery menu, click on Row by row:

Row by row menu

4. Click on the Schedule Mail Merge button, and the emails will be sent when the date in the Merge date column is reached!

Schedule mail merge