Schedule recurring email for a reminder campaign

Use Mergo to send recurring reminder emails to the same recipients weekly or monthly, and track who opens each of your emails!

For example, send to your employees a monthly reminder to ask them to submit their expenses for the ongoing month.

Or share the week’s special cocktail of your restaurant every Monday to your VIP customers. This cocktail just needs to be updated in the campaign spreadsheet.


For this tutorial, your Gmail draft and your Google Sheets must be already created. If you need more information to do that step, please visit this article.

  1. Open Mergo from your campaign Sheets, and select Mail merge:

Open Mergo from a Sheets

2. In the More options menu, click Schedule delivery and Select hour/date:

Schedule delivery options

3. Select the hour and date for the first sending, and use the drop down to select the recurrence: weekly or monthly.

For example here, the first email will be sent the 27th of May at 8am, and will repeat monthly:


You are all set!

You can click on Save and then Schedule mail merge. Your emails will be recursively be sent starting on the selected date:

Schedule mail merge