How does Mergo track your emails

Mergo comes with a powerful tracking tool that measures your campaign performance. Read this article to learn how this tracker works!

Open rate

The technology that stands behind email open tracking is fairly simple. Mergo automatically adds a tracking pixel within every email content. A tracking pixel is as a graphic 1x1 dimension pixel, invisible for the recipients, that will be loaded when the recipient opens the email.

When the tracking pixel is loaded, Mergo receives this information and adds it to the open tracking report.

Click rate

To track a link, Mergo replaces your original URL with one that points to our servers, and then redirects to the destination URL. This redirection through our server triggers our click tracker and the information is saved in Mergo.

Note that this process only affects the hyperlink of your URL. If you do a plain-text mode campaign, the recipient will be able to see the different URL.

Unsubscribe rate:

This measure is based on the same principle than the click rate. When a recipient clicks on an unsubscribe link, he is redirected to a specific Mergo webpage. Then, this information is collected and reported in Mergo tracker.

Response rate:

Mergo is equiped with a reccurent checking system, that will regularly check the thread of your email to see if the recipient responded.

Bounce rate:

When an email is rejected by Google server (it usually happens because the email address is incorrect), the sender is warned with an automatic email. This automatic reply is spotted by Mergo and you can then retreive the information in the tracking report.

Note: You can identify your unengaged audience, and scrub your recipient list to decrease your bounced rate!