Add personalized attachments to your mail merge

Add your attachments in a Drive folder, list file names in your spreadsheet, and Mergo will send an email with the corresponding file as attachment to each recipient.

Add a personalized attachment to each recipient

1. First, upload the files you want to send in a Google Drive folder:

2. In your Sheets, add an “Attachment” column, and list the file names related to each recipient:

Note: if you want to send the same attachment to all recipients, you can simply add it to your Gmail draft.

3. At the top right of the sidebar, open the more options menu, and select Add personalized attachments:

menu Add personalized attachments

4. Click on the “Select” button to open the folder picker, choose your attachment folder and click on "Select":

Folder picker

/!\ Be careful to only left-click once on your folder (do not double-click to open it)

5. Select your attachment column within the “Attachment column” dropdown:

Attachment column

6. Finally, click on the “Send 3 emails” button to launch your campaign:

Send 3 emails button

That’s all! Mergo will then send your emails with the personalized attachments to your recipients:

Add multiple attachment files for one recipient

  • In your attachment column, separate your file names by a comma and a space:

Note: you can add as many attachments as you want, but they can't add up to more than 25 MB

  • Follow the steps 3 to 6 from the first section of this article, and all your files will be sent!