Mergo not showing up on the side panel

As Mergo is now part of the latest generation of add-ons, it requires the last Google update. This update is already available for every Gmail account but not for every Google Workspace account yet. This is why you might not have access to Mergo.

Here are some solutions to workaround this issue:

Speed up the update release process

The update should be available for every GSuite account around mid-March.

Therefore, your domain admin can speed up this release process to get Google features faster. Visit this article to learn how.

Use a Gmail account and set your GSuite account as alias

Pending the Google update, you can configure your campaign from a Gmail account and use your Google Workspace account as an alias.

Doing this, your recipients will receive your emails from your Google Workspace account. You can visit this article to learn how to configure an alias with Mergo.