Send beautifully crafted emails using HTML

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Create beautifully personalized newsletters using HTML & CSS, then send it to your recipients with Mergo!

  1. Create a Gmail draft, and turn the Plain Text Mode on:

Turn on the plain text mode

The Plain Text Mode will format your content as regular text and exclude any graphical information and other elements (images, formatting, etc). Therefore, HTML code will be executed in the emails.

2. Paste your HTML code in the draft:

Email draft with HTML

Note: You can also insert {{Merge tags}} in your HTML content.

3. You can now send your draft with Mergo!

To a long list of recipients: open Mergo from Sheets and select your draft to launch your campaign.

To a few people: open Mergo from Gmail and direclty send your email

Example of HTML email

This is the resulting email draft from the HTML code we used.