How to avoid spam issues?

Even if it’s not realistic to avoid spam filters in any case, you can still reduce the probability of being flagged as spam. Here are some tips to maximize your campaign efficiency.

Use an updated recipient list

You can use Mergo Report to identify your unengaged audience, and scrub your recipient list! By removing dirty emails and bounced recipients, you will reduce the spam risk:

Bounced tracker

Add a clear unsubscribe link in your email

This allows the user to unsubscribe without clicking on the "Mark as spam" button, which would have consequences on your domain’s reputation:

Unsubscribe link

Warm up your Google account

If you're using a new Google account to send mail merges, "warm up" your account by starting sending your email campaign to a smaller list of recipients.

Avoid spammy words and special characters

Write quality content in your email body and a straightforward subject line that will increase your customer engagement to your email.

Note: There is no way to see if your email landed in a specific contact’s inbox or SPAM folder after it was delivered... We can only specify if the mail has been opened, responded, clicked or bounced. You can use a mail tester tool such as to test the "spammyness" of your emails, but we can't guarantee its accuracy.